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Kents Sweet Treats

Fire Pepper Challenge

Fire Pepper Challenge

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Can you handle the HEAT?

These Fire Pepers are no joke. Take on the Challenge and eat as many Peppers has you can in 3mins and send us a video of yourself that you would be willing to share. The person that eats the most in that time wins the prize of £40.

The details of where to send me the video will be sent with your sweets when ordered.

Winner takes home £40 

The winner will be paid through the card that you pay with when you order. 

The video of the winner will be posted on our Facebook page KENTS SWEET TREATS.


Competition ends 30th June and winner will be named on 1st July and paid on the same day.


£3 Entry Fee

£2 for 20 Fire Peppers.

If you think you can handle more then feel free to buy more.

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