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Kents Sweet Treats

Partner Up With Us

Partner Up With Us

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Do You Need Pre-Orders Or Items Will Be Ready Straight Away?
Will you Deliver/Post the items yourself? Or Let us Pick up the items & Deliver? (Thanet Area Only)

Want To Get More Sales? Are you up for it?

Sell your home made Cakes, Sweets, Cookies & more on here and support each other around the Thanet Area or UK if it can be posted safely. Once you Join and choose a plan send an E-mail to -

The info needed in the E-mail is - 

  1. NAME OF COMPANY (So we can say who made it)
  2. What Your Selling
  3. Description & Ingredients 
  4. Prices for you items
  5. Pictures of your items
  6. You address & Moblie Number

We will text you on the Moblie number giving when you get an order.

The Money you earn will be sent the same way you paid to do this as a refund. We take a 20% percent from Sales.

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